Cyber Security

Due to the increasingly connected world that we live in, cyber security threats are now one of the major risks faced by your business. Our Cyber Security Services will provide you with an umbrella solution, working from the ground up, identifying your risk and threat landscape by combining both the physical and cyber aspects of your business.

Cyber Security

What we do

In order to prevent any cyber security breaches, Equilibrium Risk Limited will:

What we offer

  • Risk assessments – because security is all about reducing risk, we will help you to assess the risks (across your application stack, web infrastructure, networks, security services, data centres and infrastructure), to help you to plan and prioritise your risk treatment actions, using our own developed risk assessment tools (aligned to ISO and SANS industry standards)
  • Information security policies – the starting point for most organisations are comprehensive and effective security policies. We will assist you with creating, amending or updating your policies
  • Technology solutions – we will provide you with robust security solutions, protecting your most critical services and environments.


Cyber Security Audits and Surveys


Equilibrium Risk can provide high grade penetration testing. Equilibrium Risk’s penetration testing doesn’t simply stop at uncovering vulnerabilities, it goes the next step and actively exploits those vulnerabilities. Equilibrium Risk’s penetration testing answers the question: "What is the real world effectiveness of existing security controls against a skilled attacker?" Even a 100% compliant organisation may still be vulnerable in the real world to an active, skilled human attacker.

Cyber Penetration Testing

Key Features:

Tests on the infrastructure level include: a mapping of the segment, identifying weak links in the infrastructure chain, misconfiguration and out of date systems which could allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain privileges inside the segment. This test examines a wide array of components inside the network mostly untested and less secure (Printers, Switches, Storage systems, DVR systems) and common systems (web applications, mail, file systems and monitoring servers).

Tests on the application layer include: a specific test win32 and WEB including the use of automatic tools and manual analysis of the application’s logic, high risk functions and overall security in both application level and deployment level.

Performed in a number of ways ranging from having no information regarding the application (black box) and up to having the application source code (white box).


Equilibrium Risk is excited to be able to provide a comprehensive, cloud based protective shield for your web assets. Working with our strategic partners Reblaze, we can provide a next-generation web security platform that intercepts and defeats web attacks before they reach your data center. Along with our partners, we believe that your online presence should be "Secure by Default".

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We believe that web security should be effortless, that’s why our expert team constantly monitors the web and the dark web for threats. The security team deploys countermeasures immediately (usually within hours) of initial discovery. You get ‘effortless web security’, always up to date, with no action required on your part.

It really is the complete security package for your website. Below are some of the key features.

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