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With our background firmly in the Military, our approach is different. We know that providing risk based security solutions is the most effective way of protecting your business. Effective in terms of mitigating risk and effective in terms of cost.

Our unique offering of property protection, cyber protection and personal protection, brings a holistic and more effective security ecosystem to your business, creating a whole that is greater than its parts.

Our 5-layered method creates a security package tailored to your business, where the strengths of one security layer overlaps the weaknesses of the next.

Our approach Assess

Understanding and assessing the things in your business that need protection is the first step in creating an effective security plan. Criminals will exploit any vulnerabilities to breach your defences and reach your critical assets, so thorough and regular assessment of your business is of paramount importance.

Whether it is a piece of machinery, a cyber asset or a member of staff, we identify those assets and assess them for any weakness, grading them dependant on how critical they are to your business success.

Our approach Protect

When we protect your assets, we employ the most effective combination of practical security measures. By combining Physical, Operational, Technical and Educational controls we build a security system that works and keeps your business efficient.

Our approach Detect

Protection measures will go a long way to protecting your assets, particularly against opportune criminals or those who have little or no tools.

Organised criminals, however, will be more prepared, so you need to detect when your protection measures are being breached. Our detection technology gives you the earliest possible notification that something is not right.

Our approach Respond

It is essential that any alerts generated from your detection layer are identified, confirmed and a proportionate response initiated in the quickest time possible.

Once our response has been initiated, it is our aim to eliminate that threat as quickly as possible to allow the business to begin its recovery.

Our approach Recover

Once an incident has been contained and the threat is no longer negatively impacting your business, it is vital that your business gets back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to ensure that your business spends as little ‘down time’ as possible.

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