Case Study: Confidential Waste Disposal as a means of providing data security to SME’s

Confidential waste poses a challenge to businesses big and small. Often, businesses don’t recognise the importance and fragility of the data they hold, and therefore don’t have measures in place to dispose of it in a safe way.

Because of this, when we were approached by Leeds-based White Rose Wills regarding our confidential waste disposal service, we were more than happy to help. By introducing our pay-as-you-go confidential waste bin to White Rose Wills, they managed to:

  • Save precious employee time
  • Raise awareness of the importance of confidential waste disposal
  • Ensure their clients’ confidential data will never fall into the wrong hands

Who are White Rose Wills?

White Rose Wills are a law firm based in Leeds specialising in Wills, Power of Attorney, Probate and Property work. Their goal is to offer a friendly and approachable Wills and Conveyancing service to the people of West Yorkshire.

What did they need?

White Rose Wills were wasting time shredding confidential material. They looked for alternative solutions but were not satisfied with some of the providers’ quality of waste management as well as the fact that the collection vehicles were clearly marked, making them an easy target.

Prior to our work with them, the client was not happy with the existing arrangement: “we were wasting time shredding confidential material in a home office shredder page by page. We were continuously dealing with paper jams!” said Diane Burke, Principal Solicitor at White Rose Wills.

Their goal was to find an effective solution, whilst also being able to support a local business with a similar, friendly approach to their clients.

How we helped

After an initial assessment of what White Rose Wills were looking for, we decided to provide the practice with one of our red pay-as-you-go bins, which allowed the staff to save time and energy, whilst providing a top-end confidential waste disposal service. The whole process was completed in under a week.

We were able to meet the client’s needs, pinpointing the aspect of the service they rely on the most – emptying the bins promptly after receiving a call. Moreover, White Rose Wills were satisfied with the safety and high quality of the service:

“We like that the collection vehicle is not marked so it’s not obvious as a target. We also like the robust quality of the wheelie bin. Other cardboard solutions look tatty and are often covered in tea stains! And we would have not been able to expand as we would have been wasting time.” - Diane Burke, Principal Solicitor at White Rose Wills.

By providing a simple, yet effective solution we helped White Rose Wills smoothen their operations, grow employee awareness and prevent confidential client data from falling into the wrong hands.

Moreover, they are now looking at broadening our relationship and developing a partnership in regards to their cyber risks and advice on how to comply with the upcoming changes to data protection laws.

To find out more about how we can support your business with secure waste disposal or our wider range of security solutions, get in touch!

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