Case Study: How a Layered Security Plan Prevented Loss

Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club (HRUFC) has been a long-standing client of ours. We are tasked with the overall security of this large sprawling site. We conducted a full security analysis of the site when we first took it on and implemented security measures to mitigate the risk. You can read more about that here.

However, around 6 months ago they suffered a break-in – the first under our watch. So, I thought I would tell you about it.

You may well wonder why we are sharing this information. Prior to this incident, we held a 100% record for keeping our clients safe. Our unblemished record of 3 (almost 4) years has been stained. However, at Equilibrium Risk, we fully understand that security cannot completely prevent an incident occurring. In most cases, you can only reduce the likelihood. That’s why we champion a layered security approach- where the strengths of one system overlapping the weaknesses of the next. Our recently released Guide to Protecting Property highlights our 5-step approach to layered security.

Following our free security analysis, we won the contract at HRUFC several years ago. Using the security analysis as a guide, we implemented a layered security plan, including the improvement of key control, better security of high value items and cash and a more robust response plan.

HRUFC Break In

In the middle of the Christmas party season last year (2018), HRUFC suffered its first break-in under our watch. The perpetrators came prepared, swiftly gaining access to the building by smashing the main door with some form of sledgehammer. They made their way directly to where the safe was located, hoping to get hold of all the cash from the recent Christmas parties.

Unable to find anything of value laying round and unable to gain access to the safe, the perpetrators eventually left empty handed.

Our team was on site within 10 minutes of the alarm activation, the CCTV system showing that they had disturbed the culprits in the act. Unfortunately, they were not able to apprehend them.

The up to date security plan and swift response of our team prevented HRUFC from suffering any loss. All high value items had been secured away and not left lying around as was the previous habit. All takings from the bars had been properly secured in the safe overnight, while the correct procedure for securing the keys had been adhered to.

We were able to board up the site and replace the alarm panel within an hour of the incident occurring to ensure the building could be secured again and speeding along the recovery time.

Stuart Leach, the Club Manager said, “A swift response by the security guard responding to the alarm meant that the perpetrators left empty handed.

By the time the manager got to site, Equilibrium Risk was on site and had organised glaziers to be on site and secure the building by boarding the broken doors. An alarm engineer was also on site fixing the alarm panel ensuring that the building could be left secured.

The response has left us feeling extremely reassured that we have the correct systems in place and that if anything were to happen that we will receive a swift and thorough response. We are extremely glad that we chose Equilibrium Risk for our security services.”

The security measures we implemented all those years ago, may seem minor, and in truth they are, but it’s only when things go wrong and you see how they work together, that you appreciate them.

For more information about a layered security approach, get in touch.


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