Coronavirus: Security Tips for Remote Working

The Coronavirus (COVID – 19) is a major challenge for business and as things stand there is no end in sight. At present, the official advice is to implement “social distancing measures” with most businesses encouraging remote working where possible. But this brings with it its own security challenges, not only cyber security challenges but physical and personal security challenges.

As a security and risk management company, we are ideally placed to provide some advice and guidance to keep you, your staff and your business safe. EDIT: As business prepare to go back to work, we are running a series of seminars to help. For more information, click here

Personal Security

Firstly, establish a buddy network with other workers. This maybe a colleague in your business or, if you work alone, someone in your area. The chances are that there will be other remote workers in your area, so get to know them. Keep 1-2-1 meetings to a minimum, but if necessary, ensure that someone knows where you are going, and when you will be back. It may be worthwhile establishing a call back procedure.

Ensure you have emergency numbers handy- next to or on the phone, and preferably set up as a speed dial.

Make sure you are aware of the escape routes and ensure they are easily accessible. If you are meeting with someone on your own, make sure that they are not between you and your escape.

If you still feel at risk, a Lone Worker App may be worth considering. The app can provide professional support with regular check calls. We can help you with this.

Physical Security

Firstly, fix all faulty locks, doors, windows, and light bulbs.

If you are working from home, don’t leave back doors open. If you have an alarm fitted, ensure all doors are set to chime when the door is opened.

Do not leave valuable items on display. The first breach of security is when an item is known to exist, so keep things out of sight.

Keep an eye on anyone who is loitering nearby. It may be necessary to ask politely if they need assistance. This attention to detail conveys you are in control of your space.

If you deal with cash, use a safe and keep as little cash at home as possible. Keep all cash handling away from doors and windows or where you can be overlooked.

Consider installing a security system at home. An intruder alarm and CCTV system can add extra protection when it is most needed. We can assist you with this if needed. For more details on Protecting your Property, download our guide here.

Cyber Security

Firstly, ensure all employees laptops are secure. This means using full disk encryption, implementing robust password management and ensuring all software is up to date. Enforce device control to manage the use of USB and other peripherals.

Implement good security practices such as logging off from a system when it is not in use and not leaving property unattended in public spaces. You should also use a screen saver to lock your screen whenever you are away from your laptop. Shortcuts such as Win+L (Windows) or Ctrl+Cmd+Q (Mac) can be used to quickly lock a screen. Screen savers should have a password.

If you are accessing your company networks or using public Wifi, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Implement MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) when logging into the company networks.

For financial transactions, restrict the number of people authorised to conduct new or overseas transfers. Ensure all new requests are subject to secondary confirmation. Using conferencing technology (Skype, Zoom etc) can confirm transaction are coming from a legitimate member of staff.

Implement visibility across your entire network so that you can detect unprotected devices and receive notifications of abnormal behaviour. We can support you with this if needed.

In these uncertain times, it is vital we all pull together and support each other. But uncertainty can lead to opportunities for criminals to exploit. Following our guidance will help keep you, your staff and your business safe.

As ever, if you would like to know more, or if you have concerns about security, then please get in touch.

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