Coronavirus: Security Tips to Secure your Property

We live in uncertain times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a real test for businesses. The latest HM Government advice is that we should stay home, all businesses premises, except the essential ones, should close. And currently there is little idea of when it might end: 3 months, 4 months, longer?

In uncertain times brings opportunities for criminals to exploit. So, following on from our Security Tips for Remote Workers, we have put together some advice for all those business planning or being forced to shut for a protracted period.

Reducing Opportunity

Opportunity is one of the main drivers for criminal activity, so we have placed real emphasis on reducing that opportunity.

The first breach of security is when an asset is known to exist. So, cover your windows and doors. Curtains or blinds will prevent someone looking in and seeing something worth stealing.

All those broken locks, doors, windows or lights that you have been procrastinating about repairing, now is the time to fix them. Any vulnerability can and will be exploited.

Collect all the keys and alarm FOBs in from members of staff who do not need them. Make sure you have all keys and FOBs that have been issued out and change your alarm code.

While I’m talking about burglar alarms, check that yours works. Do all the contacts and PIRs activate the alarm? What happens when it sounds? Who is notified? As the saying goes, an alarm is as only as good as the response it generates. We can help here, if needed.

Consider a timer switch to lighten internal and external areas during the dark hours.

Make sure the external of your building is clear of debris, overgrown trees or shrubs.

Protective Measures

In this blog, we have concentrated advice on making the best of what you’ve got. But the key to effective security is applying security in depth. You can read our detailed guide to how you can apply it here.

Identify what your valuable assets are, or those things that are attractive to a criminal. You should place them in an extra secure location. A safe if you have one, or a secure room as far away from your external doors and windows as possible.

Your doors and windows are your vulnerable areas, so they should be secured from the inside. A deadbolt at the top and bottom of your doors and sash locks on your windows will really help.

You should leave one door as your final exit door; this will be your means of access and egress. It should be secured from the outside using a good Secured by Design product, such as a lock or a shutter. Try to avoid using padlocks if possible, as they can be easily defeated.

Don’t forget about your roof spaces as they are often overlooked. Restrict access to the roof wherever possible and secure all skylights from the inside.

As mentioned previously, check your burglar alarm works. The detection (door contacts and PIRs) should be as close to your business perimeter as possible. This will provide you with the earliest possible notification that something is not right. It should also provide enough time for you, or preferable a professional security guard, to respond and eliminate the threat.

If you have CCTV installed, check it works and the cameras are clean. If installed correctly, it should cover the vulnerable areas of your business. If it is not monitored off site, you may be able to get the pictures direct to your mobile phone. We can provide assistance here, if necessary.

And lastly, check your property regularly. Walk around the outside and inside to see f you can see anything that has been damaged or disturbed. If needed, we can provide security patrols to patrol your property in the quiet hours, but it probably only worth it if you believe there is a heightened level of risk.

We do live in uncertain times, but that does not mean that we should allow criminals to be successful. Following our advice will improve the security of your property and hopefully keep it from being affect be criminal activity.

We hope you have found it useful, if you have any further security concerns than please do get in touch.

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