Equilibrium Risk Exhibits for the First Time

Manufacturing & Engineering Week

June 2022 saw the launch of the inaugural Manufacturing & Engineering Week held at the NEC in Birmingham. June 2022 also saw Equilibrium Risk exhibiting for the very first time!

If you’ve attended a trade exhibition, or exhibited at a trade exhibition, then you will know this is a big deal. It’s not just the cost, which can be prohibiting, it’s all that goes with it: the stand, the publications, the accommodation, trying to stand out from the crowd etc. It really is a daunting prospect.

But, exhibiting at trade shows, particularly, those shows for our target audience has been part of our business plan for some time, so we had to take the plunge at some point.

And the Manufacturing & Engineering Week seemed the perfect opportunity!

The Manufacturing & Engineering week is organised by Nineteen Group, a trade exhibitions business, famous for a range of exhibitions including its flagship event, the International Security Expo. So, we were aware of who they were. After the initial hesitation, taking the step to invest in the show was hassle free and Nineteen support us up to and beyond the show.

With the help of a graphic designer, we invested in creating a stand that we thought would, excuse the pun, stand out. We also created a competition that we thought would garner interest from the engineering community – the Locking Picking Competition.

Harry Walker, Operations Manager, said, “Yeah, I enjoyed it! It was definitely challenging, getting out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed talking to people from different walks of life and backgrounds. It was particularly enjoyable when attendees commented on how they liked our stand, especially, when Luke and I had spent so long planning it all!”

The two-day exhibition was over in a flash. The reality of an exhibition, I was to find out, was standing up, smiling, and talking to complete strangers – something I am not naturally good at! I was glad to have Harry with me.

Overall, the exhibition went well. Although, I have nothing to compare it with, it felt like the budget and 2 days of our time were well spent.

Let the follow ups begin!


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