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Since starting our journey as Equilibrium Risk (just over 2 years ago, at the time of writing (June 2017)), we regularly get asked about our backgrounds: who we are, what we did before starting out in business and how we got into it.

We have seen genuine interest in our history, and we have been told on several occasions that we should tell people about it. So, we decided to start telling it through a series of blogs.

The first in this series of blogs introduce who we are:

Both Jason and I, Equilibrium Risk’s founders, have spent decades in the Coldstream Guards. In fact, we both served together on Operation Telic in 2005 (Operation Telic was the code name given to all UK Military Operations in Iraq between March 2003 and May 2011). We have specialised in different roles throughout our careers in the Military, and have served across the globe in places such as Germany, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Canada, and Bosnia to name a few. Throughout this time, we were honing our craft of understanding risk in all its forms.

On our journey through the Army, we learnt that risk, or expose to danger, is not just about what’s in front of you, or what you can see. It is 360˚ and multifaceted, and it is often asymmetrical. The idea that there was NO risk was alien to us. It was all about understanding the risks and making the most informed decision you could with the information you had about the proposed course of action. In the Army, we all knew the risks but relied on those in Command to make the right decisions and those about us to play their part to the fullest to reduce (or mitigate) that risk.

From a personal point of view, friends and family would always ask how I could operate in those high risk situations, but the truth was they didn’t seem high risk at the time. All actions were carefully planned and everything was done to try and reduce the level of risk, tied in with the team work, patrolling the streets of Basra, Iraq, was no different, in my eyes, to walking in the UK.

Through this understanding of risk, Equilibrium Risk was bourne: A Risk-based Security Solutions Provider. We wanted to help people (who we eventually came to know as Business Owners) make the most informed decision they could about protecting their business. We wanted to be able to highlight the risks and help mitigate those risks in a cost effective way, with a real return on investment. Once we understood risk, transferring that into a business point of view was easy.

We soon realised the need for a specialist in the Cyber Security area and recently appointed Stefan Garcysnski, who has over 25 years’ experience in the IT Industry. Stefan has worked on an array of high-profile clients throughout his career, including the Home Office, Network Rail, NHS, and the Leeds City Council. He has also spent over 11 years working for West Yorkshire Police Service where he was awarded a Long Service Medal.

The core values which were instilled during our training and service have carried on through into our business life and it is these values which we believe set us apart from our competitors. We are passionate about security and providing the right risk based solutions for our clients. Using the knowledge we have gained from the Military, Police Service, public and private sectors, we can produce a unique security package that keeps property, people and data safe and secure.

As a team, our approach is to always maintain high standards, underpinned with qualities such as professionalism, honesty, and integrity. If you would like to know how we can support your business with its security challenges, please get in touch.

I hope you found the first blog in the series interesting. Over the coming blogs, I will introduce the background of Equilibrium Risk’s branding and logo, I will talk about what makes us different and the benefits of a risk based security approach.

Luke, Director of Operations

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