Manufacturing Security: 5 Tips for Recovering from a Security Incident

Recover from a Manufacturing Security Incident

As a security management company, providing a secure environment for manufacturers is our top priority.

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, a security incident can still occur.

In the event of a security incident, a quick and effective response can minimise the damage and get your company back on track.

Here are five tips for recovering from a security incident:

Have a well-defined incident response plan. A well-defined plan will help you identify the source of the security incident, contain it, and recover from the damage caused. It should also clearly state who should be informed, depending on the type and severity of the breach.

Detect and ascertain the cause. Whether it’s a physical security event or a cyber security event your immediate priority should be detecting when things are not as they should be. Once detected your priority quickly becomes verifying and ascertaining the cause of the event to enable you to direct a response.

Contain the event. Once a security event has been detected and verified, the incident response should take several steps. Firstly, you need to stop the effects of the incident. In the case of a cyber event, that could mean isolating the effective systems or networks. In the case of a physical event, it could mean interdicting the perpetrator. Secondly, you should then determine the extent of the damage. And lastly, remove the threat.

Recover. A quick and effective recovery is an effective way to mitigate the effects of a security event. It’s important to get production back to normal as quickly as possible. Can you increase the OEE of machines to fill any holes in production? Do you have duplicate assets to replace those broken, lost, or stolen? Using a tracker device can help recover any lost/ stolen assets. It’s also important to maintain the chain of custody for all evidence that is collected for legal purposes.

Learn from the incident. After the incident has been resolved, conduct a post-incident analysis to identify the root cause of the breach and to prevent it from happening again in the future. This will help you strengthen your security posture and better prepare for future incidents.

In conclusion, recovering from a security incident you should have a well-defined incident response plan, detect, and ascertain the cause, contain the event, recover as quickly as possible and lastly learn from the incident. By following these tips, you can minimise the damage caused by a security incident and get your company back on track.

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