More Workshop Success for Equilibrium Risk

Following the success of the first Understanding your Security Risk workshop, we are delighted to announce that the second workshop, held last month, was also a hit.

Jasminder commented, “I found the security risk workshop was extremely useful. I can highly recommend this workshop and its solutions be implemented in all organisations.”

Equilibrium Risk continues to run these workshops throughout the year to help business owners make better decisions about how they invest in security.

Equilibrium Risk’s Director, Luke, said, “Decisions about investing in security measures shouldn’t be about a gut feeling, they should be taken objectively. Understanding your security risk is the first step in a better decision-making process.”

Equilibrium Risk lay on these workshops free of charge to help the manufacturing and wider business community.

Miss Soor said, “The course leader (Luke) was very thorough and his approach was very easy to learn from. I had lots of questions and Luke was very knowledgeable, sharing lots of his experiences and ideas with me.”

Run in collaboration with the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, the workshops are uniquely designed to tackle both physical and cyber threats. As more manufacturers and businesses look to automate more of their operations, there has never been a better time to tackle these issues together.

Luke continued, “The threats that manufacturers and businesses are facing are evolving, so too must the way we deal with these threats. For some time now the line between physical and cyber threats has been blurred, so the only effective way of mitigating these threats is to look at them together. Our workshops, for the first time, help manufacturers and businesses understand this.”

Jasminder added, “I was educated and enlightened as to the things that could go wrong, but also how it can be prevented and the damage limited. The section about control measure and risk mitigation covered areas that were so important to me- and I have already taken steps that were suggested to me on the course.”

If you would like to know more about our Understanding you Security Risk workshop or discover how we can help solve your security challenges, please drop us an email.

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