Operations Manager Enrolled on Renown Security Management Course

Operations Manager

Equilibrium Risk is dedicated to allocating our resources towards a more secure future, not only for us, but for the businesses we have been entrusted to protect. Ensuring that these services exceed client standards, as well as establishing sustainable and enduring relationships, are our immediate priorities.

Thus, we are proud to announce that our Operations Manager, Joanne Partington, is enrolled in the ISMI’s Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP) Level 6 Diploma – a 12-month course presenting an exciting opportunity to develop knowledge and expertise in the security industry.

The renown course offers a variety of vital modules including Security Risk Analysis, Security Leadership and Management, Perimeter Protection, Access Management, and Video Surveillance, amongst others. This mean that clients can expect a continuation of our exacting standards as Equilibrium Risk continues to grow. It is also an opportunity to ensure we align with best practise across the security sector and deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

Equilibrium Risk’s MD, Luke Appleby, shared his thoughts on the educational programme. “Investing in the future is a crucial aspect of maintaining a trusted organisation, especially in an industry as complex as that of security. The CSMP Diploma is well known throughout the industry, and I am delighted that Jo has enrolled.

I am really looking forward to seeing the positive effects she can bring back to Equilibrium Risk and our clients. But most importantly it’s great to see Jo embracing continue her professional development. I wish her luck over the next 12 months!”

Joanne Partington also shared a similar sentiment, providing her perspective of the work so far. “I started the programme on the 1st of February 2024, and it has already been a surprisingly revealing experience, improving my knowledge of the role’s technical facets. I am incredibly grateful to have been registered on the course.”

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