Rotherham Abuse Trial- Protecting the Media

Rotherham Abuse Case

The media have an important job to do: to report the news. What’s in the news shapes what we think about our Country and what we consider important. The Media serves as an intermediary between the Government and the People. They provide much needed information about Politics and Society. An unbiased Media is a vital part of Democracy. It keeps us all informed and helps us to determine what subjects should be discussed further. But what happens when the Media can’t report the news, or are hindered in doing so?

That’s where Equilibrium Risk comes in, or in particular, Jason.

The Rotherham Abuse Case is a case we are all familiar with, or should be. It’s been in the news for a long time now and it’s caused emotions to run high on both sides of the argument. Demonstrations, rallies, marches, have all been common place. Not all peaceful either.

Jason was well aware, that meeting up with the camera crew yesterday afternoon could lead to anything. History had shown that both sides wanted to make as much noise as possible about the issues. And how they chose to air those issues was something Jason, or the camera crew did not know. It was an unknown risk.

They had the facts, six people of the gang had been found guilty of sex offences. Now all that needed to happen was to report the story to the public, unhindered. And it was, live on Look North from outside the Town Hall. Providing all the information you need to start forming an opinion. Shaping the way you think about the Country.

But the challenge continues, on Friday the sentencing will be continue. But you can rest assured, Equilibrium Risk will be there. Ensuring it gets reported without interference.

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