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Garden Security

Last week saw the first ever ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD) garden displaying at the renown RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Highlighting the importance gardening and landscaping has in reducing burglary, could not come at a better time especially following the recent reports of unsolved burglaries and robberies.

The show, usually the preserve of “Gorgeous gardens, fabulous florals & fantastic shopping in an unforgettable setting” opened its doors to the garden designed by two students at Capel Manor College’s School of Garden Design and Plantsmanship in Enfield, after they won a competition sponsored by SBD, the national police crime prevention initiative.

The garden, which could be a front or rear garden, includes prickly plants grown on top of walls and sheds preventing burglars climbing on them and security cameras and lights on outside doors. Other crime prevention features include gravel pathways and driveways which make it harder for burglars to go unnoticed and a secure shed with items inside marked with SmartWater to help identify them if they are stolen.

You may think that prickly plants or graveled pathways aren’t going to do a lot to prevent a determined burglar, and you may be right. But, as part of layered security plan, these little things make a lot of difference.

Let’s look at the facts (taken from the Secured by Design Website):

  • Secured by Design developments are up to 75% less likely to be burgled.
  • Secured by Design developments show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.
  • The additional cost of using Secured by Design standards in the average home is only around £170.

In my previous blogs, I have talked about some of the principles of Security by Design. In my blog, all about perimeters, I spoke about the importance of using a layered approach and clearly defining your boundaries. And in my blog, all about protecting high-value items, one of the bits of advice was that stricter security controls should be employed the closer an intruder gets to an item of interest or value.

All this should, hopefully, make you re-evaluate how you use the outside spaces in your home or business. With a little thought, you can build security into your home or business without spending a lot of money. Remember, good security is not about spending a lot of money, it’s about spending the right money in the right places.

I hope you found this blog of interest, if you would like to know more about securing your business then please drop me an email or give me a ring. I am more than happy to help where I can.


Garden Security

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