Top 10 Tips for Successful Access Management

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When considering securing your business, controlling who has access to it should always be at the top of the agenda. In fact, access control is often regarded as the most important component of effective security. Even in the modern era of cybercrime, being in charge of the entry points to your business is of paramount importance. After all, it doesn’t matter how secure your data is if strangers can access your computer.

With that in mind, I have put together 10 top tips for successful access management:

  1. Signage. Display prominent signs to advise people that certain areas are private or have restricted access. You can also use the signs to remind staff and inform visitors what is prohibited on site, and what are the conditions for entry. These will also act as deterrents.
  2. A Secure Perimeter. A perimeter fence, or similar solution, should be used to direct those entering towards an authorised entry point. As a rule of thumb, there should be as few points of entry and exit as made possible by operational and safety considerations.
  3. Secure Entry Points. Make certain that all entry and exits points are secure.

  4. Identification. Ensure that there are a means of identifying and verifying the identity of those entering the business.
  5. Surveillance. It is vital that all vulnerable areas, including fire exits, are monitored. This can be achieved by using CCTV or manned guarding.
  6. Zoning. By segregating internal areas, you can ensure that access to critical areas is restricted.
  7. Staff Awareness. Instil a security culture in the office. Ensure that anyone not recognised, or not wearing identification is challenged.
  8. Card Management. Make sure sound badge management and accountability systems are in place. Cards should only be issued to those who need them and be programmed for the required period. Furthermore, there should be a system to retrieve cards from those that no longer require them.
  9. Integration. Where possible, integrate physical access control with logical access into workstations. Using a two-factor authentication system in this way will solve a myriad of security issues.
  10. Review. Ensure you review your access management regularly. We would recommend a yearly review unless there are significant changes to your business.

If you would like to know more about securing your business, then please get in touch. We will be more than happy to assist.

Luke, Director of Operations

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