What's So Special About TalkTalk?

Hearing the news last week that TalkTalk has become a victim of a Cyber Attack, the third time this year, has made me think. It occurred to me, why TalkTalk? What makes them so special? Why are they repeatedly the target?

When it comes to choosing a target for a Cyber-attack, surely a company with the most data is more attractive, a bigger prize. TalkTalk has 4 million customers, reportedly. There are bigger companies in the UK, bigger prizes.

Were TalkTalk an easy target? There security procedures not up to task? Having been attacked twice before I would have thought security would have been a top priority. Were they just slow in upgrading?

And who is doing the attacking? Is it just criminals, intent on getting money via a ransom? Or is it something more sinister, the competition or maybe a disgruntled employee?

Even if I was able to answer all the who’s, the where’s, the why’s and the what for’s. it still wouldn’t answer my original question: What’s so special about TalkTalk?

So I have to conclude, nothing. Absolutely nothing is special about TalkTalk. We are all targets; it could happen to any of us. TalkTalk is just an example, the unlucky one. Makes me think…..


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