Checklists & Guides

  • Guide to Moving into New Premises

    Guide to Moving into New Premises

    Moving your factory to a new location? Learn essential tips and best practices for maximizing manufacturing security from day one.

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  • Guide to Intruder Alarms

    Guide to Intruder Alarms

    An intruder alarm is an electronic security system that is designed to detect intrusion into a building. In this guide, we cover the main points you need to know when buying an intruder alarm system for your business.

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  • Access Control: a buyer's checklist

    Access Control: a buyer's checklist

    Access control is a core security management function for managing who can go where and when in your business. This guide has been created to guide buyers through procuring a system that works for them.

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  • CCTV Checklist

    CCTV Checklist

    The use of CCTV has become widespread throughout the UK. This checklist is focused on providing clear guidance to non-technical users wishing to buy a CCTV system that is fit for purpose.

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  • Guide to Protecting Buildings

    Guide to Protecting Buildings

    This guide looks at the basics of good building protection. Download it here.

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  • Handy Guide of Security Threats

    Handy Guide of Security Threats

    To help you, we have provided a handy guide of security threats to make it easier for you to plan and take action.

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  • Security for Manufacturers

    Security for Manufacturers

    Download your copy of our Security for Manufacturers guide here.

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  • Remote Working Checklist

    Remote Working Checklist

    The move to remote working is set to continue, we have created this checklist to help keep you and your employees safe where ever they choose to work.

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